Two Tombstones, Vostochny, Inta, Russia


Two Tombstones

At the Arctic region of Russia, west from the Ural mountains, lies a small town of Inta, built largerly on forced labour. Most of the inmates of the nearby Gulag camp that operated from the end of 1930s until 1957 were working in the mines or building the Pechora mainline railroad. Few kilometers to east from the center of Inta lies the ghost village of Vostochny, abandoned after the closure of the nearby brick factory. The graveyard of Vostochny is also more or less abandoned, although there are monuments to Latvian and Lithuanian victims of the Gulag. Otherwise, the tombs are dilapidated, like these two here, and  headstones have tumbled. Many former prisoners who survived the camp lived in the village, but because the graves are so decrepit, it’s impossible to who is buried here. Their memory has vanished.


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