Holy Spring of Iskitim, Lozhok, Russia

Holy Spring of Iskitim.JPG

Holy Spring of Iskitim

In the middle of Siberia, an hour or so from  Novosibirsk, lies the small city of Iskitim. At the fringes of the town was the notorious Lozhok camp no. 4, that belonged to the Siblag complex. This Gulag camp operated from 1929 to 1956 and the inmates were mostly forced labourers in the surrounding quarries (the pits are still there, mostly filled with water like idyllic lakes). The local legend maintains that a spring burst out on the place where Gulag guards executed forty priests. Be it true or not, later the place became a pilgrimage site, and after the fall of the Soviet Union orthodox church reclaimed it. Now it’s a  popular destination for the believers who draw water from the spring with bottles and even swim in it. At the same time, it’s a memorial to the thousands who suffered and died at the Lozhok camp.


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