Jur-Shor Graveyard, Vorkuta, Russia


Jur-Shor Graveyard

The huge  Gulag camp of Vorkuta operated from 1938 to 1956 in the remote Arctic region of Russia. There were many separate lagpunkts around the city, one of them near the village of Jur-Shor at the northern side of Vorkuta. The camp was called Rechlag and held mostly political prisoners who worked in the coal mines. At the early 1950s, the inmates went into a strike against the inhuman conditions of their camp. At least fifty prisoners were shot, among them people from many different countries, who had been brought to Vorkuta after the war. The memorial cemetery is dedicated to them, but it has also become more general monument to the victims of Gulag from all around the former Soviet Union and entire world.


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