Solitary Confinement Cell, Perm-36, Russia


Solitary Confinement Cell

About 100 kilometers from the city of Perm, known at the Soviet times as “the gate to Gulag”, was the camp called Perm-36. Established after the World War II and ran almost until the collapse of the Soviet Union, Perm-36 was a “second generation” Gulag camp, serving first as a “normal” logging labour camp but later, after the death of Stalin and the official end of the Gulag system, as strict camp for political prisoners. Perm-36 is the only Soviet era camp that has been turned into a museum. Many parts of it are reconstructed, though, and don’t carry the authentic memories. The solitary confinement cell, being built of stone, has however survived as a ruin monument for the thousands of people who suffered there.


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