Anna Alexandrovna, Levashovo, Russia

Anna Alexandrovna.jpg

Anna Alexandrovna

The most telling and touching mementos of the Gulag and the Great Terror are the enameled photographs attached to trees and crosses in the areas where the mass graves were situated. At the fringes of Levashovo village, twenty kilometres from St. Petersburg, there is a memorial cemetery for the victims of political repression in the Soviet Union. It is at the site where NKVD killed & buried thousands of people of Leningrad during 1936 and 1937. The huge grave was found at 1989, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union it became a place of remembrance for the relatives of the dead. It was they who brought the plates with the photographs there. Looking at them now, it’s somehow evident, that these people were innocent victims of a deranged machinery. The photos give a face to the millions who suffered in vain. They are like tiny fragments of lost collective memory.


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