Memorial of the Gulag Victims, Yurga, Siberia, Russia


Memorial of the Gulag Victims

Yurga is one of those nondescript medium-sized Russian cities that at the Soviet era were centered around one or two industries, which were the main reason for the existence of such cities. Here it was machine building. Lying at the heart of Siberia, Yurga was also a good place to situate some prisoners of Gulag and especially POWs during the war. The inmates at Yurga camp built the armament plant No.75 and also did forced labour there at the 1940s. Later the factory was converted to civilian use. Near the factory there is a small memorial with monuments for German POWs and Soviet prisoners, and a fence that has a simple but touching message on behalf of the victims: “In the name of the living to remember the dead.”


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