Cell 43 of the NKVD Prison, Tomsk, Russia

Room 43.jpg

Cell 43 of the NKVD Prison

Tomsk, a middle-sized city in the endless Siberian taiga, was not particularly important regarding the actual prison camps of the Soviet Union, probably because it was too populated to operate them secretly. But the town was a crucial crossroads of the entire Gulag archipelago. Prisoners that were sent to the different corners of Siberia or relocated to other camps were often transferred through Tomsk, and many spent weeks or months or even longer there, waiting for their final destination & destiny. For this purpose there was a NKVD complex complete with prison cells in the center of Tomsk. The building has survived till our days, and has more or less retained it original appearance. Thus, it is an important authentic memorial to the innocent citizens who were moved like cattle around the Soviet Union. This the door of the cell no. 43.



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