Hungarian Graveyard, Vorkuta, Russia

Hungarian Graveyard

Hungarian Graveyard

Arctic city of Vorkuta was born as a Gulag camp. Around the town center there were many lagpunkts, whose inmates worked in the coal mines, mostly at 1940s & 1950s. Later these areas were converted to “normal” microrayons for free workers. Only thing that reminds of the camp past in one of the suburbs is this graveyard, where mainly Hungarian victims of Gulag were buried. The graves still stand out as small mounds, and very simple crosses, made out of metal pipes, have been stuck to the ground. Small plaques attached to the crosses have names of the dead welded to them, or just numbers if the name is not known. Because of the decomposed bodies, the ground of the cemetery is thicker with earth that other parts of Vorkuta’s permafrost, and that’s why there are taller plants growing in the area.


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