Two Red Graves, Sandarmokh, Karelia, Russia


Two Red Graves

The vast forest of Karelian republic at western Russia hides a dark secret under its mossy soil. At 1937 and 1938, as the Great Terror raged, about 10 000 people were brought here. Most came from the nearby Gulag camp of Solovki, others had been doing forced labour around the towns of Medvezhyegorsk and Segezha at Karelia. All of them were shot and buried in mass graves. People from almost sixty different countries and nationalities were killed in the area. At 1997 the burial site was finally uncovered, and it became a memorial for the victims of the political repression of the Soviet Union. There are some official monuments at the tract of forest, but also many unassuming but beautiful smaller memorials scattered here & there, like these two red pillars with the names of the dead.


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