Ruined Building in Rudnik, Vorkuta, Russia

Vorkuta Building.JPG

Ruined Building in Rudnik

Rudnik was not just one part of the town of Vorkuta, it was the place where the entire camp city began. In 1931 first miners, most of them Gulag prisoners, came to the area surrounding Vorkuta river and established a new mine – and a new Gulag camp. In ten years it grew to be one the most notorious places in the Soviet Union. The first shaft, where the forced laborers toiled, was situated right beside Rudnik. When Vorkuta grew, Rudnik evolved to be a microrayon  that housed free population: geologists, prison guards etc. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the entire area was slowly abandoned, and Rudnik became  a ghost town, carrying the memory of the Gulag in the discarded buildings.


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